UX Design

I'm an experienced Digital Product Designer based in Canada, and I have a strong passion for UX and visual design.

My history

I've been fortunate enough to work with some really great teams.

  1. Salesforce Lead UX Designer

    I was recruited to redesign the desk.com Business Insights platform, but there were so many interesting projects that we just kept going. I lead the marketing site redesign efforts and created desk.com’s mobile app. I’m currently at Service Cloud (desk.com’s bigger sibling) designing their mobile case management app.

  2. Mixpanel Senior UX Designer

    Mixpanel enlisted me to work with their team of extremely talented UX Designers to help redesign the core product’s analytics interface. This opportunity taught me a ton about user experience and how data is visualized. To log into Mixpanel now and still see our solutions in use reassures me that the UX we created was top notch.

  3. Foundation Six Principal Designer

    Foundation Six was my tiny, one-man creative shop that I ran for a several years doing design contract work for some really fantastic companies. Running my own creative shop exposed me to all the different elements of the process, from client interaction, right through to implementation and product launch.


Dave is a consummate professional and a expert in user experience on the web. Unlike so many designers, he spends the time to understand your business goals and needs. With Dave, the design is always a vehicle to grow your business and to reduce friction for your users. The rarity and value of the skills he possesses cannot be overstated.

J. M. Davis - President Scrapbook.com

I sweat every pixel. Every experience.

Here are some projects that I really enjoyed working on.

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Hamilton, ON Canada N 43˚ 15’ 24” / W 79˚ 52’ 9”